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What We Do

As a comprehensive human capital development firm, we offer the complete value chain from conception to execution: identifying, incubating and developing talent. We also prepare today’s modern workforce for complex global challenges.

We help students, young professionals and adults unlock their potential to help them achieve their educational and career goals.

Through our Early Preparation Program, we mentor K-12 students to help discover and develop their hidden talents and ultimately help them go to top colleges including the Ivy League, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and Duke as well as others.

Through our Innovative Leadership Program, we mentor college students, graduate students and young professionals to help them develop their personal and professional capacity positioning them for top graduate schools (Masters/PhD) and professional schools (MBA/JD/MD). Identifying and developing talent is as much of a science as it is an art, and we are specialists in this area with our data-driven approach.

We also assist with college, graduate and professional school applications to help clients effectively brand themselves and select the right thematic elements of their narrative to highlight the right “story” to optimize their journey (see College Admissions and Graduate Admissions).

Through our Innovative Leadership Program, we also help young professionals and students with Career Development be it progressing within the current job or switching careers.

We also work with schools, universities, nonprofits, foundations, governments and companies. Using our proprietary Innovative Leadership Program, innovation, entrepreneurship, college/graduate admissions, self-discovery, social impact, career development, business development, communication skills, the art of conversation, and global engagement to name a few.

We also specialize in working with gifted students – we are currently implementing a large-scale gifted student talent development program for a governmental client.

There are many dimensions to our work:

1. Individual Mentorship (Personal, Professional and Intellectual) and Leadership Development

2. Identify, Cultivate and Develop Talent

3. Academic Tutoring and Educational Guidance

4. Conduct Personal and Professional Development Programs

5. Strategic Branding and Assistance with College/Graduate Applications

6. Career Development and Developing Entrepreneurial Pursuits

7. Development of a Personal and Professional Long-Term Strategic Plan

8. Teaching How to Build and Launch Organizations and Initiatives

9. Professional Development Programs

10. Youth Empowerment Programs

11. Test Preparation for Standardized Aptitude Tests and Courses 

12. Assistance with Academic Papers and Theses

We do this through a variety of ways:

1. Individual Mentorship/Coaching Sessions

2. Individual Interviews and Assessments

3. Workshops/Programs for students, young professionals and parents

4. Workshops/Programs for schools, universities, nonprofits, companies and governments

5. Help youth elevate themselves through Disruptive Transformation

6. Track progress of youth using quantitative and qualitative metrics

7. Academic Tutoring (online and in-person boot camps)

For more information, please contact us at info@ivystrategyadvisor.com.