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College Student in Canada

Accepted to Columbia’s SIPA Program (MPA)

Losing the great confidence I had was very hard for me to accept. I tried challenging myself to regain mental strength and overcome my fears. This seemed impossible for over a year. A great mentor who listened to me, understood my situation and strategically addressed my issues was what I needed, and yet I did not believe in counseling. I was looking for a magician. Now a year later, I have gained confidence, and I know my true potentials. I know my weaknesses, and I will address them strategically. Wasif was not a magician, but a brother who guided me to be efficient and effective in whatever I was involved with. I did everything myself, but it couldn't have happened without him. With a very low GPA and low GRE scores, and against all odds, Wasif made miracles happen. I organized events I could never foresee myself doing! I got accepted to ALL the schools I applied to: Columbia (2 programs – SIPA and a Master’s in Sustainability Management!), HEC, American, etc. I am heading to Columbia SIPA for the MPA starting summer of 2015! He has made my dreams a reality, revolutionized my learning and transformed me as a person!

Young Professional from Argentina working at an Embassy in Washington, D.C. admitted to Penn Law School with a 158 LSAT score

Wasif helped me overcome three of my weaknesses: (1) I do not feel comfortable pointing out all the positive qualities that I have (much less in writing), because I don’t like bragging about myself. But with a more “objective” approach of listing everything and talking over with Wasif, I felt more comfortable talking about myself and my unique personal qualities and experiences; (2) Even though I had different achievements and experiences, I was not sure how to arrange them or how to tell a compelling story.  Although the content of your essay is important, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of how you frame your story given that you have limited space and you are just a number for the admission offices. Wasif helped me stand out among thousands of applicants; (3) Wasif helped me overcome my main deficiency – a very low standardized test score – by deemphasizing that aspect and filling it with other qualities and characteristics. After some deliberation we decided not to include an explicit explanation of my low test score, but rather we wisely chose to fill that gap implicitly – highlighting other qualities and portraying that the low test score (a number) is just an anomaly. Thanks to Wasif, I was admitted to Penn Law School.

Young Manager working in NYC

Accepted to INSEAD for his MBA and then for Master’s of Advanced Management at Yale School of Management

I have had the privilege to work with Ivy Strategy Advisor throughout my admission to INSEAD for my MBA and Yale for my post-MBA Masters degree. Dr. Wasif Syed has taken a holistic approach to my profile and tailored his Innovative Leadership Program in tandem with my goals and passion. The Innovative Leadership Program has helped me to strategically position and develop myself and my leadership skills. I am very pleased with my experience. I hope to embark the Innovative Leadership Program for the rest of my academic & professional career.

Young Professional in Energy industry

Accepted to Berkeley Haas School of Business

I approached Ivy Strategy Advisor and specifically Wasif Syed because I had a very challenging task, I was applying to two of the most difficult business schools to get admitted to in a short period of time. I had only two target schools in mind. Wasif helped me by offering the best possible advice the entire time as well as editing and taking care of my complete application from A to Z, he personally made sure it was up to the best standards. Wasif as promised was there every time I needed advice or help with any type of formal communication I would be having with these schools. The result was a success and I got admitted to UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. One thing I must highlight was the standard of work that was delivered to me. As promised, it was the highest possible standards. The quality of work that Wasif produced far exceeded my expectations. I found the experience with Ivy Strategy Advisor as a very positive and enjoyable one. I would like to end by saying I believe that without Ivy Strategy Advisor I would not have achieved my goal of getting admitted to Haas. I highly recommend Ivy Strategy Advisor and Wasif Syed to anyone who is targeting a top tier school.

Young Professional from San Diego

Accepted to Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management for his MBA with a $20,000 scholarship

My experience through the Innovative Leadership Program exceeded my expectations. My advisor, Wasif, always kept us on schedule, prioritizing things when necessary, and making sure we were on track. Wasif also went beyond what was expected by bringing out of the box ideas that provided long-term future benefits, and exposing me to his personal network of people creating new friends and prospective business partners. His passion and care was apparent throughout the experience. His motivation to do more than what was expected has helped me immensely and I am looking forward to continuing down the path he created for me. I got a $20,000 scholarship for my MBA at Cornell. The impossible made possible.

High School Student at Brandon Hall School, Atlanta, GA

The presentation I attended given by Dr. Wasif Syed was very interesting. I was very inspired. The points that Dr. Wasif Syed inferred are very useful because they highlight that it does not matter in what field one works, self-discovery is crucial. This presentation taught me that college will give me the skills I need for a specific career, however, I could also use the skills to try other jobs that I will enjoy. I am thankful and more confident about self-discovery after this presentation.


Allegheny College, National Science Foundation (NSF) scholar

Thank you for coming to Allegheny to share your encouragement and enthusiasm! It was the best presentation I've ever experienced, and I am not sugarcoating! If it were possible I would attend it again and bring along some friends too. I also have to compliment you on using fun and memorable examples to illustrate your points. In my opinion, your real life examples of such success stories show that regular human beings can be something if they persevere. And, that no matter how successful you are, everyone still needs a coach who gives feedback.

Dr. John Duke Anthony

Founding President and CEO, The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, Washington, D.C.

I wanted you to know that your presentation to the students at the National Council’s most recent National High School Model Arab League at the Georgetown Hotel and Conference Center was very well received.  As was obvious from the audience’s very positive and enthusiastic response upon completion of your remarks, the information and insight you shared were of great interest and value to everyone present, I wish you well in your endeavors to assist young people in charting the post-secondary school component of their education. You are to be commended for having hit upon such a needed service.

Lindsey Duerr

Director of College Counseling, Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, Ohio

We really appreciated having you on campus. Our students and parents found your presentations to be inspiring and informative. Your willingness to tailor your presentations to your audience was much appreciated. Being a preschool through 12 school makes finding a speaker who can educate all families about preparing for the selective college admissions process challenging, but your presentations provided guidance for parents regardless of their child's grade level. Our students left your presentations feeling excited and empowered. Many have come to me with a new sense of confidence, and eagerness to put their creative ideas into action. Thank you for spending so much time on our campus. It is clear that you care about the students and families with which you work.

Jeffrey Krasney

Attorney, Washington, D.C.

First, I am so pleased; in fact, I am "honored" to have met you over the past two days, within the Wharton Innovation Summit. 

To say you were "extraordinary" not only during your leadership presentation panel - which you were - but also within the "Shark-Tank" model panel would be a vast understatement. Your acute ability to communicate not only with data and data-like figures, but also your keen skill and astute expertise by offering critical thinking as a form of internal leadership was simply "magnificent."

Second, seemingly you were in a "zone" during the reception hour, as the Wharton Innovation Summit came to a close. I remember you inquiring to two of us the following (with some paraphrasing on my part), "When was the last time you were full of enthusiasm, excited and exhibited intense passion?"  Both Jessica and I answered almost immediately "Now." The ardent and dedicated-like intensity vision, which you shared and offered to each of us, was at such a heightened level, at an altitude in which I wish to scale.  

Dr. Syed, you are truly not only a gifted, but also an amazing individual; an individual with whom I would like to continue having "significant;" and potentially, life-changing conversations. 

To reiterate, my sincere thanks to have seen your work, in person.

Jason L. Stern

President and CEO, Braddock Communications, Inc

Dr. Wasif Syed’s informative lectures exhibit “street cred,” very important to Gen-Y and Gen-Z audiences. His presentations are quick and to-the-point and his answers to follow-up questions are straightforward, qualities that help him distinguish as a lecturer.

Gary Boehm

Head of School, Maumee Valley Country Day School, Toledo, Ohio

Wasif Syed is a dynamic speaker who delivers a message that all high school students and their parents would benefit from hearing. While the most immediate purpose of his presentation is preparing students to gain admission to the college they want, his message resonates beyond college admission.  Each student is encouraged to explore his/her interests and to develop a narrative based around this passion.  To pursue these interests by developing one's leadership skills to engage others and actually accomplish something of significance is what sets students apart.  Some of the parents at my school who heard Dr. Syed speak were so enthralled with his message that they returned the next day with their friends.

Dr. Bruce Clemens

Associate Professor of Business, Furman University, Greenville, SC

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Syed in Sept 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him. He volunteered to lead my entrepreneurship class for a day. Dr. Syed is the quintessential entrepreneur. More relevant for me, he is an incredible teacher. He provided unparalleled learning opportunities for my students. One of my students told me it was the highlight of the course.

Young Professional in Energy industry accepted to Yale for his Master of Environmental Management

Subsequently interned at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. on energy policy

Unique, personalized and generous help and mentorship - Unlike any other service online, Ivy Strategy Advisor provides a step by step guidance, mentorship and advice on both university applications you're your career. The service extends way beyond the application process to cover career advice and one-on-one career mentorship. Once assigned to an advisor, I was contacted for an hour-long Skype call. During this initial introduction, the advisor genuinely tries to get to know you. He will learn about your past experience, school performance, personal strengths and weaknesses. The process is further enhanced as the advisor shares a lengthy but very useful form with set of personal questions that helps both you, and the advisor identify the optimal approach to both your application and career options. 


I utilized Ivy Strategy Advisor for the first time as I was applying to few Ivy League schools in the U.S. at the graduate level. That was during tough and busy times at work. The advisor walked me step by step through the application process for each school. Identified all the necessary information and an attack plan with detailed steps and milestones. By the time we started working on the applications, the advisor had gotten to know me enough that he easily able to review and enhance my essays, CV and other application requirements. He was generous enough to access and review my entries on the application itself to ensure it is aligned with his guidance and advice. He also ensured that I keep track of all deadlines and reminded me of applications due dates and deadlines. I have also referred family members to Ivy League Advisor and the results were equally impressive. Together with our advisors, we all managed to secure places in top tier schools in the US.  


Even after the completion of the applications, the advisor continues to offer his personal mentorship over the phone and email. Since then, he has been advising me on essential activities to participate in, and advice on how to engage in the school community, and have been connecting me with talented individuals to expand my professional network. 


Do not mistake Ivy Strategy Advisor for other university applications services, it is way beyond that, it is a life and career mentorship service.

Robert Katz

Managing Director, Holistic Security Institute, Washington, D.C. after attending one of Dr. Wasif Syed’s presentations at the Wharton Innovation Summit in D.C.

Again - really enjoyed meeting you and really enjoyed your excellent presentation. I especially loved the passion and enthusiasm of your delivery. To be more specific – you had the BEST and most connected delivery of ANY SPEAKER (that I saw) but then again, I bet you already know that.

College student accepted to MIT and Stanford for his PhD in Chemistry

When I first came to college, I did not know what research in a university environment meant. Through Ivy Strategy Advisor’s mentorship during my college years, I discovered the great research opportunities available at my university that made me uncover my passion for research and chemistry. After doing research for more than two years with a Nobel Laureate, and publishing two journal articles as a first author, I now have been accepted for my PhD in Chemistry at MIT and Stanford. Thanks to Ivy Strategy Advisor’s mentorship, my dreams have come true!

Young professional accepted to HBS and GSB for the MBA program

The impossible made possible: got accepted to Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business for my MBA with a GPA below 3.0!

High school student accepted to University of Pennsylvania

Getting mentorship from Ivy Strategy Advisor has been by far the most helpful experience in my high school years. It has unlocked my leadership potential and exposed me to amazing opportunities. They even helped me improve my portfolio when applying to universities. Thanks to their help I was able to get accepted to multiple top tier universities and secure a full scholarship. One of the best parts of my experience was the one-on-one session with the mentors. They gave me tailored feedback that suits me best. My only regret is not getting help from them earlier.

High school student accepted to Cornell

I want to thank you for all of your help this past year. Without your guidance, I would never have had the courage or ability to apply to incredible schools like Duke and Cornell. You have made such a significant impact on my life, and I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am. You have literally given me a chance to have a future at one of the best schools in the world. Thanks for believe in me.

High school student accepted to Duke, Cornell, Berkeley and UCLA

The Early Preparation Program and the Innovative Leadership Program made me who I am today. Ivy Strategy Advisor developed me to think outside the box in ways I had not imagined before. The most memorable aspects of the program were the confidence it gave me to carry on my goals and the ceaseless motivation to continue striving for better. I got interviewed by CNN and wrote articles for CNN as a result of Ivy Strategy Advisor’s input. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a plan that will help them be successful. Without Ivy Strategy Advisor, I would not have gotten accepted to Duke, Cornell, Berkeley and UCLA!!