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We conduct SAT and ACT Test Prep for students individually online as well as in-home boot camps across the globe. Our test prep tutors are second-to-none and bring years of experience. We have highly qualified tutors that specialize in score boost programs that analytically enhance the student’s aptitude in a short time frame and teach our students short cuts to beat the clock. Test prep is as much about the content as it is about the race against the clock. Our tutors have a proven track record dramatically improving student test scores. Most test prep companies employ one tutor who teaches all sections of the test, which is not optimal. We have specialists in each section of the test (English and Math). This way we ensure we have specialized tutors who apply strategic approaches specifically for each of the sections maximizing the student’s ability to succeed. The tutors will help the students develop unique techniques to maximize their chances of getting the highest score possible.

Our in-home boot camps are extremely dynamic and highly interactive unlike other test prep programs. We focus on customized learning and strategy development as opposed to just practicing problems. Test prep is an individualized process and a “one size fits all” approach is not effective, which is why we do not employ it.

Please contact us for more information at info@ivystrategyadvisor.com.