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Boot Camps

We offer many different boot camps that are intense and highly dynamic programs over a 1-2 week period (or longer). Some of our popular boot camps are:

Innovative Leadership and Self-Empowerment

Innovative Leadership and College Admissions

Innovative Leadership and Graduate Admissions

Innovative Leadership and Career Development

Innovative Leadership and Entrepreneurship


Please contact us at info@ivystrategyadvisor.com for more information on these boot camps. We offer a description for the Innovative Leadership and Entrepreneurship Boot camp below.

Innovative Leadership and Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

We offer a dynamic, integrated and immersive innovation-based entrepreneurship and leadership boot camp. The purpose of this program is to develop young aspiring entrepreneurs whether they are students in universities or young professionals in the private sector and help them develop their ideas from conception to execution. However, the focus here is not just to develop the product but also to focus on the self-development. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurship-training programs make is they do not focus on the self-development of the individual entrepreneur. In order to create an innovative product, entrepreneurs have to be innovative and develop themselves first. Innovative people breed innovative products. Organizations, universities and innovators trying to create new products or services or develop intellectual property from ideation to launch do not place enough emphasis on this. Most organizations do not have the capacity or expertise to implement data-driven human capital development; this is where our unique value proposition plays out. We know how to develop talent and we also know how to develop innovative products, businesses or nonprofits – as we mentor our clients to both develop themselves and their initiatives – therefore we are able to bridge this gap. This program, whose length is customized (typically anywhere from 1-4 weeks), offers an integrated approach on self-development and product development teaching entrepreneurs how to do both. The program concludes with a start up day where the participants showcase their product ideas.

Entrepreneurship: “Shark Tank®” Case Study

We offer a unique module on entrepreneurship using a case study we have developed on the hit American TV business show, Shark Tank aired on ABC. The show features budding entrepreneurs who pitch their businesses and business ideas for investment to established investors, sharks, the likes of Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec. One of the most successful pitches was the “Cycloramic” app by Bruno Francois – he got a $500,000 investment from Mark Cuban. This pitch was recognized by Business Insider magazine as one of the top 15 best pitches made on the show. We collaborate with Bruno to deliver this unique and dynamic module on entrepreneurship, share his experience on Shark Tank, the success of his company and his insights on working with Mark Cuban.

For more information, please contact us at info@ivystrategyadvisor.com