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Innovative Leadership Program

We have developed a proprietary data-driven Innovative Leadership ProgramTM that focuses on unlocking human potential through innovative platforms. The program develops the next generation of young leaders by leveraging the student’s social equity and liquid equity in tandem with their intellectual capacity. We mentor students during elementary school, middle school, high school, college and grad school, young professionals and adults. We start by carrying out an individualized assessment of the student to assign them a Human Potential Index (HPI), a unique metric we have developed that projects an individual’s potential. The process creates microcosms that can catalyze transformational impact and produce revolutionary dynamics for the individual’s personal and professional development to advance their educational and career goals.

Each individual has three components that contribute to their development:

1. Liquid Equity – resources be it monetary, logistical or organizational

2. Social Equity – access to human capital, i.e. people they know

3. Intellectual Capacity – their inherent value proposition tied to their intellectual worth

Our process harnesses and maximizes the power of these three focal points into their innovative platform, i.e. their brand be it an organization, a talent or ideas that translate into social impact and personal development.

The Innovative Leadership Program adopts a “staircase model” predicated on growth and development to implement its values to develop leaders. We work with students (of all ages) early on in their academic or professional career to help identify their key interests and leverage their strengths. We develop focal areas for growth and development. In order to develop these focal areas, we identify mechanisms to leverage the client’s resources within the confines of his/her school, organization, community and society at-large. The aim is to achieve vertical progression and attain higher recognition and success for each of those focal areas and demonstrate leadership. Throughout this journey, confidence-building measures are created to instill confidence in the clients to allow them to reach the utmost of their potential. We want clients to take their passions and further develop them by sharing with others. The sign of a true leader is not one who has followers but rather one who is able to share his/her passion by instilling confidence in his peers to allow them to maximize their potential thereby breeding new leaders.

We utilize a three-pronged approach to develop values clients will carry with them long into their future for maximal success. Our “success ladder” encompasses a foundation pillar for each step that builds upon the previous one culminating in a successful trajectory.

The values in the Innovative Leadership Program are used to train clients (students or working professionals) in leadership development to comprehensively develop and transform them into the leaders of the next generation. We aim to create visionaries who along with their like-minded trainees will create a virtual economy through peer-to-peer learning of a self-fulfilling self-sustaining microcosm long-term. By training each individual staff member to be a leader, you create a micro-economy of leaders that collectively contribute to the betterment of the initiative holistically. This novel approach revolutionizes one’s impact and accelerates success by leveraging the power of the collective through one’s social and liquid equity.

The Innovative Leadership Program is completely adaptable to any sector, that is to say, it is sector-blind. It is not the sector that drives the leadership development but rather the processes through which one leverages one’s social equity in tandem with personal assets to become a true leader. The program is cross-functional and applicable to any stage of one’s career, be it high school students, college students, working professionals or senior management and executives.

The program includes comprehensive Career Development for young professionals.

For more information to design your customized program, please contact us at info@ivystrategyadvisor.com.