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Early Preparation Program (K-12)

We can help develop yourself during school to help you discover your hidden talents and optimize your school journey.

The path to the Ivy League and top universities is not an easy one but that is why we can help you attain your dreams. The key to gaining admission to an Ivy League university or a top university in addition to academic excellence is strategic early preparation. It is never too early to start. We offer a comprehensive early preparation program whereby we mentor students from the early years of their schooling (as early as 4th grade) as well as in middle school (from 6th grade onwards) and high school (from 9th grade onwards) to optimize their path to the Ivy League and other top universities (or to the right university of their choice). We leverage our proprietary data-driven Innovative Leadership ProgramTM to develop their confidence, build the character, provide them guidance and develop their leadership skills. We start by carrying out an individualized assessment of the student to assign them a Human Potential Index (HPI), a unique metric we have developed that projects an individual’s potential. We provide the student a complete long-term strategic plan to help develop and optimize their portfolio. This includes teaching them key skills to succeed such as communication, time management, conversational skills, leadership skills, exploring their identity, leveraging their strengths, mitigating their weaknesses, identifying their interests and taking maximal advantage of their summers.

This includes guidance on the classes, extracurricular activities, preparation for standardized testing such as SATs, communication skills, leadership skills, exploring their identity, time management, conversational skills, identifying their interests, advice on how to take maximal advantage of summers as well as provide them a detailed plan pursuing strategic opportunities that will enhance their background. We help students solve academic issues and guide them to optimizing their personal goals. This program encompasses crafting a long-term strategic and development plan during their middle school and high school years. When students start early, they have a greater advantage and more time to optimize their portfolio.

We individually mentor students long-term through this program. We start working with students as early as the 4th grade in elementary school.  

For more information to design your customized program, please contact us at info@ivystrategyadvisor.com.