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Data Driven Approach

One of the key comparative advantages of our approach is that it is data-driven and highly interactive. We have an established track record of success. All other existing leadership approaches are purely theoretical. Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Wasif Syed, being a physicist, fundamentally is interested in scientific approaches that are data-driven and provide an inherent proof of concept. The Innovative Leadership ProgramTM we developed is a data-driven approach, which sets it apart from any other leadership approach globally. The curriculum is an amalgamation of our leadership philosophy and best practices of the numerous individual students and young professionals we have mentored and coached over the years who have achieved greatness at very young ages. By studying the best practices exemplified across the youth we mentored globally, we were able to extract the common traits exhibited in all of these clients through an analytic framework. We then synthesized the curriculum based on the success of these students and young professionals from around the world. By using this approach, our curriculum is fundamentally a derivative of actual successes and not just theoretical in nature. In scientific terms, it is an experimental approach, which is based on actual data. This makes our curriculum unique and the only data-driven leadership approach that exists, leveraging our years of experience mentoring youth from conception to execution across a wide range of ages.