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Graduate Admissions

We have extensive experience in helping graduate and professional school applicants optimize their background and portfolio and subsequently help them with their applications to gain acceptance to the Ivy League and other top graduate schools. Our eeenior management consists of Ph.D.’s from Ivy League schools. Whether you are interested in applying to a Ph.D. or Master’s program in Business, Engineering, Public Policy or for that matter any field, we have the expertise to guide you through the application process. We also have extensive experience in business (MBA) school, public policy (MPA/MPP), law (J.D.) school, and medical (M.D.) school applications to top schools. We will tailor your background and application using key nuanced strategies.

We start working with graduate and professional school applicants early on during their careers including during college while they are students. Whether the applicant is working in the private sector or in the public sector, we develop their portfolio using our proprietary Innovative Leadership Program. We help them utilize the resources within their work and social environment optimally to create innovative platforms to demonstrate and develop their leadership skills. Our graduate and professional school applicants have had magnanimous success in distinguishing themselves with accomplishments garnering national and international recognition. Our clients have set up nonprofit organizations, started businesses, and led a range of other initiatives that have led them to the top graduate schools.

We offer a range of services for college students and young professionals:

1. Individualized mentorship through our Innovative Leadership Program to help students and young professionals maximize their personal and professional development to position them for top graduate/professionals schools or top employment opportunities.

2. Strategic assistance with graduate and professional school (MBA/JD/MD) applications and personal statements.

3. Test Prep for GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT – both online with a live instructor as well as in-home boot camps.

Graduate School Applications

We assist students and young professionals with the application process to apply to top graduate and professional schools in the US such as the Ivy League and top schools as well as other schools (including in Canada, UK, and Europe). We help with the complete application including all essays, help with branding the individual and optimally crafting their story. We help with Masters/PhD programs as well as with MBA, law school, medical school, public policy and all graduate programs. Our clients from the have been accepted to top graduate schools such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Cornell, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Penn, and Berkeley to name a few.

For more information on MBA admissions, law school admissions or medical school admissions, see MBA/JD/MD Admissions.

For more information, please contact us at info@ivystrategyadvisor.com