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College Admissions

We work extensively with students in high school (as well as in elementary and middle school) to help optimize their portfolio, provide them a long-term strategy and help them brand themselves optimally for top schools such as the Ivy League, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Duke or any school of their choice. We also have a unique approach in branding your narrative in your college applications.

We offer a range of services for high school students:

1. Individualized mentorship during school through our Early Preparation Program for students in elementary, middle and high school.

2. Strategic assistance with college applications and essays for seniors (Grade 12) students.

3. Test Prep for SAT/ACT – both online with a live instructor as well as in-home boot camps.

College Applications

We assist students through the college application process from A to Z for top colleges in the US such as the Ivy League, MIT and Stanford as well as any other college of your choice. We will carry out a detailed assessment of their background to optimize their application taking into account the opportunities available at their high school.  This assistance will include creating a target list of universities to apply to that is customized for each student. We will help the students complete the applications (customized for each university), draft, revise and edit the college essays, and any short answer responses, provide advice on and edit letters of recommendations, highlight extracurricular activities in an efficacious manner, prepare resumes, incorporate special circumstances into the application, as well as include supplementary materials to demonstrate unique talents/experiences (i.e. athletic experience, artwork, portfolios, and writing samples). We will help facilitate a nuanced application that will stand out and best reflects the student’s strengths tailored to the specific university. We will create an individualized strategy and determine the optimal way to highlight the student’s strengths and address any weaknesses in their academic and extracurricular background. We also offer interview preparation (Our CEO is a former Cornell alumni admissions interviewer). This advising process will optimize their college applications and increase their chance of admission to top schools.

We also offer assistance with applications to universities in Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and other universities in Asia.

We also assist students who are waitlisted/deferred from early decision/action by developing key outreach strategies to improve their chances of admission.

We also help arrange customized college tours including strategies on reaching out to professors and admissions officers.

For more information on this, please contact us at info@ivystrategyadvisor.com.